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New Client Freckles - $100

Add-on to another tattoo appointment $60

Freckles Pre-Care

Come with a clean dry face.

No sunburn or peeling

Freckles Aftercare

  • Do notscratch them for the few days, no matter how itchy they are. Instead, use a chilled toning spray to calm your skin, or whatever cream the artists suggested you.

  • Stick to the regular schedule of washing and moisturizing your face, per the instructions, and don’t wear any makeup for a few days, until the redness and swelling reduce.

  • In the first couple of days the pigment will be much darker until it gets absorb by your skin, so be patient. You will lose around 40% of the original color intensity in the upcoming weeks so don’t worry if your freckles appear too dark at the beginning.

Book an appointment

All Microblading and LipBlushing appointments require a $100 non-refundable deposit. This will be charged when you book your appointment and will go towards the day of the appointment. 

  • There is a ONE time deposit transfer if more than 48 hours is given

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