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New Client Brows - $400

Session 2 - $200

1 Year + Annual Brow Refresh- $280


A custom brow plan will be created for you based on skin type using combinations of microblading and soft airy machine shading. A custom color will be mixed for you at your appointment while you numb to keep pain very minimal throughout the procedure.



please read the following before booking:

  • Microblading on it own is not recommended for clients with oily skin or clients with larger pores as the retention of pigment will be minimal

  • Soft machine shading works well for ALL skin types and typically machine work is more gentle on all ages of skin

  • If you have any skin conditions please consult your physician and note results may be compromised

  • Two sessions STRONGLY recommended



  • Two hours after the procedure wash off aquaphor and gently pat dry

  • Use blotting papers 2 to 3 times daily or 5 to 6 times daily for oily skin - doing so helps absorb excess oil and sweat (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!)

  • Avoid heavy water and steam saturation in shower and while daily cleansing - do not exfoliate brow area 

  • Sweating negatively impacts color and detail retention, please avoid excessive sweating during the healing period 

  • Avoid any and all makeup in brows

  • Sun exposure leads to fading and potential discoloration issues - avoid direct sun exposure for the first 10 days then continue to wear sunscreen 

  • Do not pick, scratch, itch or rub brows - slight scabbing and shedding is normal please let your brows do their thing! 

  • If you have dry skin you may use a thin layer of unscented lotion on brows during the scabbing period

Over the next 10 days…

  • Your skin may be red, swollen or brows may appear darker in pigmentation at first

  • After a few days the tattooed area may appear to have faded away and gets very faint in color, it’s just your dead skin cells! Color will bloom again and true color results are visible 4 weeks after 1st session

  • Trust the process!

Book an appointment

All Microblading and LipBlushing appointments require a $100 non-refundable deposit. This will be charged when you book your appointment and will go towards the day of the appointment. 

  • There is a ONE time deposit transfer if more than 48 hours is given

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